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Will King Visery die in the GOT prequel to ‘House of Dragon’?

If you are the king of Westeros, someone will kill you and take your place. It is unavoidable! However, people still commit horrendous acts of violence just to sit on the Iron Throne. The impending threat of death often drives those in power into a paranoid panic, but King Viserys seems like a little bit too soft so far house of the dragonHears he has a succession problem on his hands. The kingdom is wide open for a takeover, and he spends his time carving a miniature model of the city in his room.

Make no mistake, this guy is going to die. The only questions that remain are how and when. It could be the next episode, or his demise could stretch over the course of four seasons, but it will happen. When does he do it? He will send the kingdom into absolute chaos. Let’s play detective and see what clues we’ve been given so far. If fans could figure out the R + L = J” theory of game of Thronesthis should be child’s play.

Stabbed by Aegon’s knife

In the debut episode, Viserys shows his daughter, Rhaenyra, a decorative knife he keeps in his room that once belonged to Aegon the Conqueror. He tells her that it is made of Valyrian steel, one of the most precious materials in the realm, and that Aegon prophesied that one day in the future it would come in handy. thrones Fans will no doubt recognize the weapon as the catalyst for the entire series and the tool used to take down the Night King near the end. So is there an incredibly important knife sitting in the king’s chambers? There’s no reason he couldn’t set the events of house of the dragon also!

Tetanus from the Iron Throne!

After Viserys orders his younger brother Prince Daemon to leave King’s Landing, he cuts his finger on the Iron Throne. After all, the chair is made entirely of pointed swords. As silly as it sounds that Viserys caught tetanus from that rusty metal chair, it’s also entirely plausible. There is no tetanus shot in Westeros around 129 BC.

A dragon burns King Viserys to death

There’s a cool new murder weapon in Westeros. The kingdom is full of dragons, and they are all owned by the Targaryen family. Viserys is the current patriarch, but we have yet to see the dragon of him. However, we have seen Caraxes, the huge red dragon owned by his brother, Prince Daemon. Burning your brother alive with dragonfire to take the throne would be wild enough, but Daemon wouldn’t let it go. The man lives for drama!

Why not poison?

house of the dragon Princess Rhaenyra currently has the duty of serving wine during meetings of the king’s council. She moves around the table, serving everyone a cup, eavesdropping and sharing her views as heir to the throne. Though I doubt the young princess plans to kill her own father., He could imagine a diabolical plan to knock out two birds with one stone. If someone could poison the king’s wine and have Rhaenyra serve it to him, he could kill Viserys and blame his heir for his death at the same time. Evil! Of course, there are also countless other ways he could die. Let’s not forget that he also has a mysterious and nasty wound on his back!

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