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Who is the Crab Man in House of the Dragon? Craghas Drahar, explained

two episodes in house of the dragon and we have already met our antagonist of the series, well, in a way he would be an anti-hero, Daemon Targaryen, but also, an orc-like pirate/general who feeds poor merchants with carnivorous crabs.

The “Crabfeeder” is cast as the wrath of Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussant), commander of the largest army in Westeros. During the first and second episodes, Corlys complains to the small council about Crabfeeder’s hostilities on the Stepstones, a group of islands south of King’s Landing and necessary for trade in the capital. Corlys believes that the Crabfeeder is waging open war against his armada, disrupting shipping lanes and threatening to destabilize Westeros.

King Viserys (Paddy Considine) assures Corlys that he has already sent emissaries to the Free Cities, a group of independent states believed to be funding the Crabfeeder, but Corlys is not satisfied. As a war-hungry defense department, Corlys will settle for military conquest alone, despite the advice of the council that such a conflict would bring about the Free Cities.

The Crab Man represents a major thorn in Westeros’ side this season; Viserys’s reaction to the hostility immediately creates a schism in the small council, with Corlys and Daemon (and, to some extent, Rhaenyra) siding with military action, and Hightower (Rhys Ifans) and the King siding with caution. ; this schism is also reflected in the tacit bid for the Throne, with Hightower opposing Daemon.


Which is to say that the Crab Man is an important early character.

And it’s not just an invention of the show.

Craghas Drahar (“Crabfeeder” Craghas) appears in some of author George R. R. Martin’s works, including fire and bloodthe main source material for the series.

He is an admiral of the “Triarchy”, an alliance of the Free Cities that took control of the Stone Steps several years before Viserys’s coronation. Since then, the crown has tolerated the Triarchy’s control of the territory, paying them a tax for using the territory’s sea lanes. In Martin’s book, tensions rise when Drahar raises the price of the toll, prompting Corlys to seek military action.

In the series, Drahar overreaches himself through acts of outright hostility and theft.

Maybe a toll war isn’t the kind of sexy conflict starter HBO wants to run with.

Still, we would see Westeros toll lane drama.

Until then, we stand on the brink of an inevitable war with the Stepping Stones.

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