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When was the Internet created? And who invented it?

Every day you click and tap on devices, you most likely use the Internet to answer questions you have, keep up with current events, and stay connected with people in the world around you.

The Internet and its modern form, however, have changed over the years and are relatively new. While today’s youth grew up with the Internet, many people did not. So when was the Internet created? And who invented it? We have the answers for you.

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When was the Internet invented?

The birth date of the Internet is widely considered to be January 1, 1983, but the path to creating it began long before the technology required for the Internet existed.

The creation of the Internet involved the work of many scientists and engineers, and many of the people who worked to create it had a vision for the Internet long before the technology to create it was invented, according to From the early 1900’s the inventor Nikola Tesla had thought of a “worldwide wireless system”. (Yes, the electric car company Tesla is named after him.)


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