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What is eyebrow lamination?

The painless procedure straightens the brow hair thus changing its direction to eliminate any gaps and give you a much fuller look known as brow lamination. This procedure is non-invasive. Also known by the term brow sculpting, brow lamination is a process that involves chemical solutions to lift the brow hairs by straightening them. Any likely thread is broken by this solution. Therefore, the hairs can move freely.

Processes included

  • It begins with tests to check for allergies and sensitivity to the applicable ointments.
  • Upon passing the test, the second step begins where the cosmetologist cleanses the area by removing the eyebrows and designing the most suitable eyebrow shape for the person. Eyebrows can also be plucked to remove loose hairs.
  • The lifting cream is then applied to the eyebrows with an applicator. It helps to break the threads, allowing them to take a new shape.
  • The fourth step involves brushing the hairs in a particular direction.
  • The area is covered with plastic for several minutes. The length of time depends entirely on the texture of the eyebrows.
  • Then the cream is removed and a solution is applied to fix the hairs.
  • The remains of the applied product are then removed.
  • The final touch-up is concluded with the application of nourishing serum or oil to condition the brows.

Advantages of eyebrow lamination

The many benefits of brow laminating include:

  • It is not harmful and does not involve any pain.
  • It does not look artificial and can provide a natural look.
  • After the procedure, the eyebrows look fuller, thicker, bolder and fluffier.
  • The use of unusual makeup and needles is not carried out.
  • People who opt for the procedure can have eyebrows that are even, thin, and grow in all directions.
  • It is an effective procedure for unshaped eyebrows.


The provider sets the cost of the procedure. Of course, it ranges from a minimum of $50 to $120.


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