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What is Coursera? Overview, FAQs and Best Courses

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For many, online learning can be an attractive alternative to earning college degrees in person. Major e-learning platforms offer free courses from the best schools in the world, famous companies like Google run short-term job training programsand coding bootcamps are fast becoming a means for quick and lucrative career changes.

coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms out there, offering a wide range of free courses, short certificate programs, and even online master’s degrees.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform founded by two computer science professors from Stanford University. It offers thousands of online courses in partnership with over 200 of the world’s top companies and universities, including Yale, Princeton, Penn, Stanford, Google, and more.

The site offers free individual courses as well as bachelor’s and master’s programs that reduce barriers to higher education. there’s also professional certificate programs designed to help workers secure new roles or promotions.

How does Coursera work?

To use Coursera, you must create a new account (or sign in with your Facebook, Google or Apple account). Once you have registered, you can take free and paid courses in different ways:

What types of classes does Coursera offer?

Coursera’s educational offerings run the gamut from personal development courses like its extremely popular Yale Science of Well-Being to programs to improve the workforce of companies such as Google other IBM. Coursera also offers online degrees in industries such as public health other computer’s science.

Are Coursera courses free?

Many Coursera courses are free to audit, but students don’t have access to assignments like graded assignments or certificates of completion when they audit a course.

Courses that are part of longer programs or specializations are usually free to try with a seven-day trial.

How much do Coursera courses cost?

Courses can range from $39-$49 per month to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type and subject. The site also offers Coursera Plus, which is a $399 annual subscription that gives its members unlimited access to over 90% of the e-learning platform’s online courses (3,000+ classes).

Does Coursera offer titles?

Yes, there are options for online masters and bachelor degrees.

Does Coursera offer certificates?

Yes, Coursera offers certificates of completion for their courses if you pay for the course and complete the assignments.

Does Coursera offer financial aid?

yes However, programs such as Coursera MasterTracks (partial master’s programs) are not eligible for financial aid.


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