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Want to buy canned whipped cream in upstate New York? Don’t forget your ID

The next time you buy a can of whipped cream in New York, be prepared to show some identification.

A little-known state law that prohibits the sale of used cartridges in cans of Whipped cream for under 21s has recently been noted: and enforced — to the amusement of customers unaware of the not-so-new regulation.

The age limit was enacted nine months ago to prevent teens from abusing nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The nitrous oxide found in whipped cream canisters, when abused as a narcotic, is commonly known as “whips” or “whips”.

Meghan Massey, 43, couldn’t understand why she was being identified earlier this month at her local Hannaford supermarket in Watertown.

“I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ He was looking in my cart. What are they identifying me for? He was so confused,” Massey told NBC News on Monday, laughing. “He was mortified. Why do I get identified? What is happening now? I am 43 years old and gray.

While Massey laughed off his supermarket ID incident earlier this month, Kent Sopris, president of the New York Convenience Store Association, isn’t so amused by the regulation that he says is a burden on consumers. members.

“Requiring age verification when purchasing whipped cream is another classic compliance burden placed on convenience stores in New York State,” it said in a statement.

“We constantly hear how important small businesses are to New York politicians, but, frankly, laws like this prove otherwise.”

Age requirement for nitrous oxide cartridges went into effect November 25. But Sopris said it wasn’t until the last few weeks that its members caught on.

“We received no notice that the governor had acted on the bill, nor did any of our business colleagues,” he added. “When NYACS became aware that the law was in effect, we immediately alerted our members and informed them of the change in law.”

State Sen. Joseph Addabbo, the sponsor of the bill that became law, told NBC News Monday that stores shouldn’t be selling canned whipped cream.

He said the law targets cartridges that are sold separately from a typical can of whipped cream.

In theory, a young man could buy a can of Reddi-Wip, break it open and remove the nitrous oxide cartridge, according to the legislator, but that is not his goal.

“Actually, it’s the cartridge or the magazine” that is prohibited from being sold to young people, Addabbo said Monday. “It’s a small two-inch magazine or cartridge, those are the words on the invoice.”

The lawmaker said of stores selling canned whipped cream: “That was never the intent of the bill.”

Erica Komoroske, a spokeswoman for Ballston Spa-based Stewart’s Shops, said her company only took action in recent weeks when employees noticed signs about canned whipped cream in other stores.

The chain now has hand-drawn signs informing customers of the 21+ whipped cream policy.

“I know it sounds silly,” Komoroske said Monday. “But we definitely see that there are certain teenagers who abuse cans of whipped cream. So on the other hand, we see that as well.”

Matthew Moschella contributed.


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