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Tom Brady took 11 days off and came back sounding like a new person

If anyone in NFL history has earned a miss from training camp and the preseason, it’s Tom Brady. Even thinking of something Brady has left to learn is a laborious task in itself. Sure, you could say he needs to mingle with new teammates, but that’s about it. At this point, it’s up to everyone else to get on Brady’s wavelength, not the other way around.

When Brady came back and stepped in front of the camera for the first time in 11 days, it was like he was a new person.

Brady, who so often carefully guards his public image and speaks platitudes, wasn’t guarded: He was honest about just other things going on in his life.

Everything is personal. Everyone has different situations to deal with, so we all have really unique challenges. I’m 45 years old, man. There’s a lot of shit going on. You just have to figure life out the best you can. It’s an ongoing process.”

Honestly, it’s good to see Brady sound like that. He is a middle-aged guy with a wife and children. It’s okay for him to have shit. It’s more worrying when athletes like this completely forget about their family life and put their work life above everything else. Everyone is thinking more about work-life balance these days and reevaluating what’s important to them. It’s also probably tough for Brady, who has been out for much of the past 20-plus years, and knows that when he hangs up, he’ll immediately go on the broadcast where he’ll still be in football for years to come.

I hope this is an opportunity to hear more candidly from Brady. People have speculated about his life for years, because when Brady speaks in public it’s always about football and trying to sate everyone at once, without making waves. In a robot sport, it’s always nice to have someone act more human.

Of course, there is also the wild theory that he has been away from football to film. the masked singer, which seems to have a bit of credibility from some clips that have been leaking online. So maybe trying to push for a major role on a reality show is the “bullshit” Brady is also dealing with.

The truth is, we’ll likely never get an answer as to why Brady was away from the Buccaneers unless he takes off his mask in a few weeks and reveals that he was singing on the show. We’re also not owed an explanation, it’s his business, but with that said, I hope Tom continues to be more honest with the fans and the media. Soccer is better for that.


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