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Tish James got the goods in the Trump family scam, now what?

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James released a 222 page civil complaint against Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and others involved in Trump’s business dealings in New York. The lawsuit alleges a series of financial mistreatment, fraud and misrepresentations by Trump, his family and his cronies.

The public has known for some time about the fraud at the heart of Trumpworld. Trump fixer Michael Cohen tried his hand at Congress way back in 2019 (under Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interrogation) that Trump would routinely overvalue his company’s assets. These lies weren’t the mere bragging of a carnival barker trying to secure a spot on reality television. They were made to secure loans and minimize the tax bills of the Trump empire.

But the specific cases of misrepresentation and fraud uncovered by James are new, shocking, and darkly hilarious. Trump (allegedly) said his Trump Tower apartment was 30,000 square feet, when in reality it is only 10,996 square feet, and then used that lie to have his apartment valued at $327 million, in 2015, when only one apartment in New The City of York had once been sold for as much as $100 million. He vastly overvalued his golf clubs, in some cases adding 30 percent to the valuation based on his estimate of the Trump “brand.” And he claimed as “cash” personal property that was actually held by corporations over which he had no distribution rights.

There are many accusations in this matter. I just highlighted those in paragraph 15 of the 838-paragraph complaint. But for most normal people, the idea that Trump is a fraud lying about how rich he is has been obvious for some time. We don’t want to know more about the crimes he committed; we want to know when he will be responsible for any of them. Trump’s apartment may be a third of the space he claims, but it apparently exists above the law. The story people want to read is Crime and PunishmentNo Yes, I do.

The hopeful news is that James’ suit has real teeth. She is asking the court to order Trump and his organization to return approximately $250 million in fraudulent proceeds. She wants Trump and his children who co-conspired with him to be barred from having a business in New York and barred from conducting real estate transactions in New York for a period of five years. Perhaps most importantly, she wants Trump and his organization banned from borrowing from any New York-registered financial institution for five years.

If any of this were to happen, Trump would be well on his way to another bankruptcy, a financial state with which he is well acquainted. He might even have to get on camera and say, “Russia, if you’re listening, send cash now.”


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