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Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights: What to know

Taylor Swift is gearing up to release new music this fall, nearly two years after releasing her last two surprise albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore,” in 2020.

The 32-year-old singer made the emotional announcement during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday while accepting video of the year for “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version),” her third award of the night.

“I decided if you were going to be so generous and give us this, I thought it would be a fun time to tell you that my new album is out on October 1st. 21,” Swift said during her acceptance speech, promising to share more details by midnight that night.

Swift took home three awards on Sunday night.Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount G

Subsequently, the phrase “meet me at midnight” was trending, with fans anticipating information about the new album. As expected, Swift posted more details about her upcoming album on her social media channels.

If you’re counting down the days until new music from the singer comes out, here’s everything we know about the album so far.

The album, titled ‘Midnights’, will be released in October.

Swifties won’t have to wait long to enjoy the singer’s new album. According to Swift’s Instagram post, the music will be available on Friday, October 1. 21 to midnight sharp.

Fans can now pre-order the album, which is available in four formats: a vinyl edition for $29.99, a CD for $12.99, a cassette for $17.99 and a digital album for $11.99.

‘Midnights’ will have 13 songs, but the track list is not complete

We’ll have to wait to find out the exact song names on Swift’s next album, but the singer revealed that it will be divided into two sections, with a total of thirteen songs.

side by

  1. track one
  2. track two
  3. track three
  4. track four
  5. track five
  6. track six

B side

  1. track seven
  2. track eight
  3. track nine
  4. track ten
  5. track eleven
  6. track twelve
  7. track thirteen

“Midnights” will contain fewer songs than Swift’s most recent albums. In 2020, Swift released two surprise albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore”, which included 16 and 15 songs respectively. The re-recording of his 2012 album “Red” had 30 songs.

Swift said the songs on ‘Midnights’ will have an overall theme

In her Instagram post, Swift offered a bit of insight into the inspiration behind her new album. “Midnights” will tell the story of “the stories of 13 sleepless nights” scattered throughout Swift’s life.

“We lie awake in love and in fear, in confusion and in tears. We look at the walls and drink until they respond. We squirm in our self-made cages and pray that we are not, at this moment, about to make some fateful, life-changing mistake,” she wrote.

A preview of what's to come when
A preview of what’s to come when “Midnights” opens this fall.@taylorswift via Instagram

The 32-year-old described the songs as a “collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams. The floors we walk and the demons we face.”

He ended his post with the following note: “To all of us who wandered round and round and decided to keep our flashlights on and go looking, hoping that maybe when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll find each other.”

This is Swift’s first new album in two years.

It’s been a while since the singer released a full studio album, but she released a new song, “Carolina,” in June alongside the movie “Where the Crawdads Sing.”

Swift has also been busy re-recording her old music and released a new version of the 2012 album “Red” in 2021.

Midnight is a popular lyrical theme for Swift

This isn’t the first time Swift has mentioned the word “midnight” in one of her songs. The term has appeared several times over the years, including in the lyrics of the following songs:

  • “22:” “Feels like a perfect night in / For breakfast at midnight”
  • “Style:” “Midnight, you come to pick me up, no headlights”
  • “You are in love:” Small talk, he drives, midnight coffee”
  • “New Year’s Day:” “I want your midnights, but I’ll be cleaning bottles with you on New Year’s Day”
  • “The Last Great American Dynasty:” “They say that on some occasion she was seen walking along the rocks, contemplating the sea at midnight.”
  • “Happiness:” “In our history, across our great divide, there is a glorious dawn dappled with the flashes of light from the dress I wore at midnight.”


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