Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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9/11 Victims Bill Passes in Last Pre-Election Vote

The House of Representatives passed legislation on Friday that would give up to $3 billion in payments to thousands of spouses and children of...

Democrats are close to a deal on pre-election revival of police funding bills

It's a huge priority for centrists who need all the victories they can get before November.

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Progressive See extremism only elsewhere

The 9/11 elections in Sweden shocked intellectuals across the West. The Sweden Democrats, a nationalist-populist party founded in 1988 with neo-Nazi loyalties but...

Dr. Oz Closes in on Fetterman in Pennsylvania Senate Race: POLL

Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is narrowing the Democratic lieutenant's lead in the polls. government John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race, according...

In a new book, Nikki Haley criticizes the ‘hypocrisy’ of modern feminism

"Women fought for so long to have the freedom to make their own decisions," but now, every thought in their lives is "boxed in...