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Sydney Sweeney gains Conservative support amid party backlash

The stars of “Euphoria” have been having it recently.

Days after Barbie Ferreira announced her departure from the hit HBO show, co-star Sydney Sweeney is at the center of controversy after she posted photos from her mother’s 60th birthday party. On Saturday, the “White Lotus” actor shared videos and photos of the hoedown themed celebration.

“There is no better way to celebrate my mom than a surprise hoedown,” Sweeney wrote in her Instagram post.

While Sweeney was captured riding a mechanical bull and dancing in a barn with loved ones in some photos, eagle-eyed fans zeroed in on the final image of her compilation. In that photo, Sweeney posed next to a man wearing a T-shirt with the Blue Lives Matter logo, an American flag with a blue line, which is associated with supporting police and law enforcement.

Other research fans who visited the instagram account because Sweeney’s brother, Trent, noticed partygoers wearing hats that resembled former President Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” caps.

“The hats say ‘Make Sixty Great Again’ by the way,” wrote Trent Sweeney in his caption, which has been edited.

In the actor’s original post, fans criticized Sweeney for his family members’ attitude and questioned his political beliefs.


“Hmm, where were you on January 6?” another commented, referring to the 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

After the social media outcry, Sweeney addressed the “wild” criticism on Twitter.

“An innocent celebration for my mother’s 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention.” she wrote on saturday. “Please stop making assumptions.”

Fan skepticism persisted, but the actor found some support from conservative figures, including pundit Tomi Lahren.

“Never bow down or apologize to the mob” lahren tweeted after Sweeney’s Twitter statement.

In another tweet, Lahren further defended the images of Sweeney.

“OMG sydney_sweeney had the audacity to throw a birthday party for her mother and her family had the audacity to appear conservative and/or supportive of law enforcement! Oh the horror! GTFOH, vultures,” she wrote.

Conservative media personality John Ziegler also weighed in on the controversy.

“In case you were wondering, what caused this crazy reaction on Twitter is that apparently some of your family members MAY be Trump supporters.” hey tweeted.

conservative output Citizen FreePress, Christine Flowers, Newsmax Columnist, Rebel News journalist Katie Daviscourt other actor nick searcy they have also expressed support for Sweeney.

Sweeney, who is best known for her work as Cassie in “Euphoria,” is nominated for two Emmy Awards and will appear in the upcoming film “Madame Web.”

She recently spoke to The Times about how her acting career “wasn’t good for a long time.”

“I had no connections. I don’t come from money. And when you’re 16 and you don’t really like yourself, and you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on with your body and your makeup and your hormones, and people tell you that you’re no good. enough, that weight is very heavy,” she said. “But I had parents who, no matter what, believed in me.”


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