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Sony launches a lighter PS5 model for the second year in a row

Enlarge / Let’s open you up and see if we can get rid of some of those heavy internals, okay?

At its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 wasn’t just one of the biggest game consoles ever made. It was also one of the heaviest, with the complete Disc Drive Edition weighing in at 4.5 kg (9.9 lb) and the Digital Edition coming in at 3.9 kg (8.6 lb). Today, however, the eagle-eyed reporters at Press Start have noticed the release of a new set of PS5 models They weigh about 13 percent less than their launch counterparts.

The new PS5 models (CFI-1202A and B for the Disc and Digital versions, respectively) first appeared on some Japanese retail sites over the weekend with an expected release date of September 15. But Press Start reports that the new models are on the shelves of many Australian retailers right now, including manuals that list their official weights at 8.6lbs (3.9kg) for the Disc Drive Edition and 7.5lbs (3 .4kg) for Digital Edition. There are no other apparent changes to either the system case size or listed system specifications, according to the report.

Lighter and more expensive than ever

Those who follow the ins and outs of game console hardware manufacturing may recall that this isn’t the first internal PS5 hardware review. Also arriving in Australia for the first time in August 2021, the CFI-11XX models weighed in at 9.25 lb (4.2 kg) and 7.9 lb (3.6 kg) for their Disc and Digital editions, respectively. That effectively splits the difference in weight between the launch model and the newer model arriving in Australia today.

model Year Disk drive Digital
IFC-10XX 2020 9.9lbs (4.5kg) 8.6lbs (3.9kg)
IFC-11XX 2021 9.25lbs (4.2kg) 7.9lbs (3.6kg)
IFC-12XX 2022 8.6lbs (3.9kg) 7.5lbs (3.4kg)

Further testing showed that last year’s weight reduction was due to a redesigned, smaller heatsink that seemed to improve the console’s heat dissipation. It’s not immediately clear what makes the newer models lighter, but supplier reports from the beginning of the year suggest that Sony was moving towards a new 6nm production process for the system CPU made by AMD. As well as potentially helping with manufacturing yields, that change could also have been part of an internal redesign that has fewer heavy parts than in the past (or just an even better, lighter heatsink). The Australian launch of the new PS5 model comes days after Sony increased the suggested retail price of the PS5 by as much as 13 percent in many regions outside the US, including Australia. Interestingly, the price increase in Japan will go into effect on September 15, the same day that Japanese retailers line up for the launch of the new CFI-1200 model.

Both editions of the PS5 have shown a nearly linear pattern of weight loss in less than two years on the market. If those trends continue at the same rate, the Disc Drive edition of the PS5 will weigh exactly zero pounds on August 31, 2034, and the Digital Edition will reach weightlessness on March 20, 2035. Frankly, we see no reason to hesitate. the eventual release of a massless PS5 in the fullness of time.


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