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Shaquille O’Neal believes the Earth is flat.

Take a look at this image of Earth. Do you see? A round object, perhaps?

That’s because the Earth is round. It is round! This is, like, a scientific fact. The earth is round and that’s it.

There are, for some reason, some people who believe that the Earth is actually flat – and one of those people turns out to be an NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

Let’s go back to 2017, when Shaq first revealed who believes the earth is flat.

“It’s true. The Earth is flat,” Shaq said at the time, even though it wasn’t true. “Listen, I drive from coast to coast, and this shit is flat on me.”

Shaq is also a flat earther. I am speechless. I love this NBA narrative so much.

@brohrbach / Twitter / Via Twitter: @brohrbach

A few days later, Shaq backed down. “I’m kidding you idiots,” he said in an episode of the Ball don’t lie podcast (via CBS Sports), adding that “In this world we live in, people take things too seriously.”

Well, five years later, it looks like Shaq is once again talking about his belief that the Earth is flat.

“It’s a theory,” he said, “it’s just a theory, they teach us a lot of things.”

While Shaq also acknowledged that believing the Earth is flat is a “conspiracy theory,” he also tried to justify the theory itself while talking about his recent flight to Australia, where he was conducting the interview from.

“Today I flew 20 hours, not once did I go this way,” Shaq said as he waved his arm in a diagonal direction, adding that he also did not “roll over” or “turn upside down” during the flight.

Shaq also questioned whether Earth really turns on its axis, another scientific fact that’s not really, you know, in question. As usual.

“You know they say the world goes round? I have been living in a house on a lake for 30 years, not once has the lake turned left or right,” she stated, before explaining why, exactly, she is thinking about this twice.

“I like to hear theories. It’s not about figuring them out, he’s either wrong or right, it’s just a theory.”

Okay man, whatever. Just don’t call me if he’s looking to travel to the literal edge of the Earth, because he won’t find it.


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