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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases are up to 50% off at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases are up to 50% off at Verizon – CNET Leer en español

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If you just bought a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or have ordered one, Verizon has some great deals on cases, including half off Samsung’s Flap Leather Cover and Ring cases.

The Samsung Clear Ring case for Galaxy Z Flip 4 is slim and transparent

The Samsung Clear Ring Case is just $15 at Verizon right now.


After taking advantage of Samsung pre order trade deal for his Galaxy ZFlip 4I received the new phone yesterday and have been testing a few cases while updating our Summary of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

In putting together that list, I noticed some great deals at Verizon on some of the cases, including Samsung Flip Leather Case and both his ring covers other transparent ring cover, which are on sale for 50% off select color options. In addition, Verizon also has some Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cases for sale, including Leather case for Samsung Z Fold 4 in black for $40, half off its list price of $80.

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Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case Deals at Verizon


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