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Rishi Sunak’s egotistical Covid rhetoric should not fool anyone | letters

Rishi Sunak believes we need a balanced view of the lockdown (Sunak accused of ‘rewriting history’ by saying No. 10 ignored lockdown damage, Aug 25). How about factoring in long waiting times and more deaths as a result of the NHS being stretched to the breaking point by lack of Covid control, delayed lockdowns and the premature end of restrictions? How about comparing the days of education for children lost to the lockdown with the days lost to the heat of Covid? Do you really believe in the right wing attribution to the blockade of all the bad results that resulted from the lack of control of Covid?

Remember why “eating out to help” was called “eating out to die” when the data came in? As for counteracting “fear”, do you think Covid should not be feared? And remember Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance squirming like reluctant human shields at the 5 p.m. chancellor?
Calum Paton
Emeritus ProfessorKeele University

Rachel Clarke has every reason to be scathing about Rishi Sunak’s retrospective reassessment of the government’s response to Covid (Sunak is so desperate to be prime minister that he has decided to rewrite Covid history, 26 August). But she raises some important issues, in many ways echoing the arguments made in Toby Green’s book. The Covid Consensus. Looking back, it was surprising that a policy with such a broad impact on all aspects of society seemed to be driven by a limited range of expert advice. Yes, there were epidemiologists and virologists, but there was a relative dearth of public health physicians and a total absence of social scientists, beyond psychologists.

Furthermore, lockdown strategies, which international bodies such as the World Health Organization and the International Monetary Fund quickly adopted as mandatory, had devastating consequences for countries with largely informal economies.

For example, West African countries were forced to adopt lockdown strategies but were unable to implement the massive economic interventions possible in countries like the UK. Yes, we should be skeptical of Sunak’s motivation for criticizing the lockdown, but we should certainly take every opportunity to carefully re-examine a public health strategy that has never been used before and sadly may need to be reconsidered. .
Dr. Peter Hindley

Rishi Sunak’s shameful and selfish attack on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies reveals the morality-free zone behind the good-natured smile. Are there not depths to which the current generation of conservative careerists will not sink to please their libertarian mob in order to achieve their well-deserved destiny? It is the scientists we have to thank that the loss of life was not even worse. Sunak insults each of the 200,000 dead and their families.
Alan Clark

Rishi Sunak is selling dangerous nonsense. Scientists were not “empowered” in the pandemic. Power was entirely in the hands of the government. The reality was that the government, for political reasons, ignored scientific advice on numerous occasions, leading to the needless deaths of tens of thousands of Britons.
Dr John Cookson
Bournemouth, Dorset

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