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Ravens mascot suffers leg injury after being tackled by youth soccer player

You just hate to see a big name get hurt in the preseason, but now a meaningless game has claimed another big star. Poe, pet of the The Baltimore Ravenshe suffered a suspected torn anterior cruciate ligament when a youth soccer player viciously tackled him from behind.

A youth soccer game that took place during halftime of Ravens vs. The Cardinals got ugly over the weekend when a kid tackled Poe and pushed him to the ground with the mascot holding his knee and needing to be taken away. he took off his raven head, playing with the pain all the way off the field.

On Sunday afternoon, the Ravens provided an update, with Poe iced his knee following last night’s injury.

The Ravens are now in a dilemma, should Poe be unable to work this season. sure the team could just put a different person under the crow’s head, but they shouldn’t. This is the perfect opportunity to get a new pet, turning this tragedy into a year of filler pet fun.

Here are some alternative mascot ideas, keeping in mind the organization’s desire to honor the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

  • Telly, the telly heart
  • Monty, the barrel of amontillado
  • liggy the ghost
  • Opie, the opium pipe

See, there are a lot of great options for Baltimore this season, in case Poe isn’t ready to play.


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