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ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better in (2022)?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool that checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and gives you comprehensive feedback on your writing. You can use this tool to proofread and edit articles, blog posts, emails, etc.

Grammarly also catches all kinds of errors, including sentence structure issues and misused words. It also gives you suggestions on changes to style, punctuation, spelling, and grammar, all in real time. The free version covers the basics like identifying grammar and spelling errors.

while the Premium version offers much more functionality, it detects plagiarism in your content, suggests word choice or adds fluency to it.

Grammarly Features

  • Spelling and word suggestions: Grammarly catches basic grammar errors to move forward and also helps you why this is a mistake and suggests how you can improve it
  • Create a personal dictionary: The Grammarly app lets you add words to your personal dictionary so you don’t get the same error highlighted every time you run Grammarly.
  • different english style: Check spelling for American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.
  • Plagiarism: This feature helps you detect if a text has been plagiarized by comparing it to more than eight billion web pages.
  • Word: This tool will help you check your writing for long, hard-to-read sentences. It also shows you how to shorten sentences to make them more concise.
  • Passive voice: The program also notifies users when the passive voice is used too often in a document.
  • Punctuation: This feature marks all missing and incorrect punctuation marks.
  • Repetition: The tool provides recommendations to replace the repeated word.
  • Proposal: Grammatically identifies misplaced and confusing prepositions.

  • Accessories: It offers plugins for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a style and grammar checker for content creators and writers. Helps optimize for word choice, punctuation errors, and common grammatical errors by providing detailed reports to help you improve your writing.

ProWritingAid can be used as a plugin for WordPress, Gmail and Google Docs. The software also offers helpful articles, videos, quizzes, and explanations to help you improve your writing.

Features of ProWriting Aid

Here are some key features of ProWriting Aid:

  • Grammar checker and spell checker: This tool helps you find all the grammar and spelling errors.
  • Find repeated words: The tool also allows you to search for repeated words and phrases in your content.
  • Context-sensitive style tips: You can find the exact writing style you are aiming for and suggest if it flows well in your writing.
  • Check the readability of your content: Pro Writing Aid helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your article by pointing out difficult sentences and paragraphs.
  • Sentence length: It also indicates the length of your sentences.
  • Check grammar error: It also checks your work for grammatical errors or typos.
  • Overused words: As a writer, you may find yourself using the same word repeatedly. ProWritingAid’s overused word checker helps you avoid this lazy typing error.
  • Consistency: Check your work for inconsistent use of open and closed quotes.
  • echoes: Check your writing for consistently repetitive words and phrases.

Difference Between Grammarly and Pro-Writing Aid

grammatically other ProWritingAid are known grammar checking programs. However, if you’re like most people who can’t decide which one to use, here are a few different points that may help in your decision.

Grammar vs. ProWritingAid

  • grammatically is a writing improvement tool that offers suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, while ProWritingAid offers world-class grammar and style checking, as well as advanced reports to help you strengthen your writing.
  • grammatically provides apps for Android and IOS, while ProWritingAid does not have a mobile app or IOS.
  • grammatically offers important hints about mistakes you’ve made, while ProWritingAid shows more suggestions than Grammarly but all recommendations are not accurate
  • grammatically has a friendlier UI/UX, while ProWritingAid’s interface is not as friendly as Grammarly.
  • grammatically is an accurate grammar checker for nonfiction writing, while ProWritingAid is an accurate grammar checker for fiction writers.
  • grammatically find grammar and punctuation errors, while ProWritingAid identify run-on sentences and fragments.
  • grammatically provides 24/7 support by submitting a ticket and sending emails. ProWritingAid’s The support team is available via email, although the response time is approximately 48 hours.
  • grammatically offers many features in its free plan, while ProWritingAid offers some basic features in the free plan.
  • grammatically doesn’t offer much feedback on overall wording; ProWritingAid offers comprehensive commentary on general writing.
  • grammatically is a better choice for accuracy, while ProWritingAid it is better at handling fragmented sentences and dialogue. It can be very useful for fiction writers.

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Price Difference

  • ProWritingAid comes with three pricing structures. The full annual cost of ProWritingAid is $79, while its lifetime plans cost $339. You can also opt for a $20 monthly plan.
  • Grammarly offers a Premium subscription for $30/month for a monthly plan, $20/month for a quarterly subscription and $12/month for an annual subscription.
  • The Business plan costs $12.50 per month for each member of your company.

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly – Pros and Cons

Grammar professionals

  • It allows you to correct common mistakes like grammar and spelling.
  • Offers most features in the free plan
  • It allows you to edit a document without affecting the formatting.
  • Active and passive voice checker
  • personal dictionary
  • Plagiarism checker (paid version)
  • Check your writing and correct all punctuation, grammar and spelling errors.
  • It allows you to make changes to a document without altering its formatting.
  • Helps users improve vocabulary.
  • friendly interface
  • Browser Extensions and Plugins for MS Word
  • Available on all major devices and platforms
  • Grammarly will also offer suggestions to improve your style.
  • Improve the readability of your sentence
  • free mobile apps
  • Offer free version

grammatical cons

  • only supports english
  • Customer support by email only
  • Limits to 150,000 words
  • Subscription plans can be a bit pricey
  • Plagiarism checker is only available on a premium plan
  • Does not offer a free trial
  • No refund policy
  • The free version is great for basic spelling and grammar errors, but doesn’t fix advanced typing problems.
  • Some features are not available for Mac.

ProwritingAid Professionals

  • It offers more than 20 different reports to help you improve your writing.
  • Less expensive than other grammar checkers.
  • This tool helps you strengthen your writing style by providing general feedback.
  • ProWritingAid has a lifetime plan with no additional payments required.
  • Compatible with Google Docs!
  • Prowritingaid works on both Windows and Mac.
  • They offer more integrations than most tools.

Cons of ProWritingAid

  • Editing can take a bit longer when you add larger passages of text.
  • ProWritingAid does not currently offer any mobile apps for Android or iOS devices.
  • Plagiarism checker is only available on premium plans.
  • All recommendations are not precise.

Summarizing Ginger VS Grammarly: My Recommendation

Since both writing assistants are excellent in their own way, you should choose the one that suits you best.

  • For example, opt for Grammarly if you are a non-fiction writer.
  • Choose ProWritingAid if you are a fiction writer.
  • ProWritingAid is better at detecting errors found in long-form content. However, Grammarly is more suitable for short blog posts and other similar tasks.
  • ProWritingAid helps you clean up your writing by checking style, structure, and content, while Grammarly focuses on grammar and punctuation.
  • Grammarly has a friendlier UI/UX while; ProWritingAid offers comprehensive feedback on general writing.

Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly are great writing tools, hands down. but in my experience, Grammarly is a winner here because Grammarly helps you review and edit your content. Grammarly highlights all the mistakes in your writing seconds after you copy and paste the content into the Grammarly editor or use the software’s native feature in other text editors.

Not only does it identify minor grammar and spelling mistakes, it tells you when to skip over punctuation when it’s necessary. And, beyond its plagiarism checking capabilities, Grammarly helps you proofread your content. Even better, the software offers a free plan that gives you access to some of its features.


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