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POSOBIEC: Biden’s transhumanist agenda is pushing society into the Gattaca era | human events

daily human events host Jack Posobiec spoke out against the transhumanist agenda of the Biden regime. Transhumanism is the intentional evolution of human beings by integrating them with technology.

Quoting from a human events Op-ed by Libby Emmons, Posobiec says: “Biden’s latest executive order on ‘advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing’ is designed to ‘achieve our social goals’ through ‘genetic engineering’ that will reprogram human cells to ‘program biology’ as much as is currently done with computers, and will employ artificial intelligence to do so, while reducing trade regulations.”

“Obviously one of the biggest companies in terms of cell rewriting is CRISPR. You’re talking about CRISPR and designer babies,” Posobiec said. CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes, which stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify the function of genes.

“There’s a movie about this. It’s called Gattaca,” Posobiec said. “It’s about these two brothers, one of whom was a designer baby, and they live in a world controlled by human designers, and the main character, Ethan Hawk, who is what they call a ‘faith baby.’ Someone who is born naturally. As the film progresses, it shows her struggling to live in a society controlled by these engineered humans, but ultimately succeeding,” Posobiec said.

Biden’s order reads: “For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our social goals, the United States needs to invest in critical scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuits for cells and program biology in predictable ways in the same way we write software and program computers; unlocking the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advancing the science of large-scale production while lowering barriers to commercialization so innovative products and technologies can reach markets faster.”

“Years ago, I said ‘this movie is very important to me, I’m not going to marry someone who doesn’t understand what it says and understand what it means for the future.’ And I’m not kidding, one of the first dates I invited Tanya, we got to meet Ethan Hawk and Phil Nichols, and we talked about these same topics because that’s how important it was. Call it fate, call it providence, I call it God,” Posobiec said.


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