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Modder Releases One-Handed Nintendo Switch Controller Adapter

Looking forward: It’s always good to have more control options for users with limited mobility, whether from console manufacturers, third-party companies, or individual modders. A modder has released attachments that allow users to play all three current game consoles with one hand.

A Japan-based modder recently released an adapter that makes all the Joy-Con functions of the Nintendo Switch accessible with one hand. The attached file offers another accessibility option for Nintendo Switch owners.

Although modder Akaki Kuumeri previously produced one-hand adapters for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, the Nintendo Switch version uses the unique nature of the Joy-Cons to introduce some new tricks. Kuumeri said this adapter was easier to design than the ones for traditional controllers because you could face the Joy-Cons in different directions.

The attachment uses connectors to put all the face buttons and the D-pad within thumb reach, but you can also move some of those inputs to the bottom of the controller where other fingers can reach them. Users connect the Joy-Cons in opposite directions, with one of them facing down. Depending on the user’s hand, one analog stick remains at the top of the controller while the other moves to the bottom. Players move the bottom stick by placing the controller on their lap or on a flat surface and then moving the entire controller. The adapter includes optional straps to attach the Joy-Cons to the player’s hand or leg.

Players should be able to use the attachment with any Switch game. Kuumeri demonstrates this by playing a variety of titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. the adapter is available on Etsy at around $200 for a left or right handed model.

Ever since Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller for users with limited mobility in 2018, only modders and third-party manufacturers have followed suit, providing multiple options for Switch owners. Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé saying Inverse Nintendo was developing a similar controller before leaving the company, and it may still be on the way.

hori released a controller similar to Microsoft’s in 2020, which works with Switch and PC games. That same year, a father modified Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller so that his daughter could play Breath of the Wild. Last June, 8BitDo released a much smaller accessibility-focused driver.


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