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Medical red flags that patients should be aware of


“If a doctor orders an imaging test unless it’s urgent, meaning you need it done the same day, always make sure you have your insurance approval before actually having it done. If you want To be on the safe side, ask them for an authorization number and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) or procedure code and double check with your insurance company, the radiology department, or the imaging center where the test will be performed.

“I’ve heard scary stories of patients who went in for CT scans or MRIs thinking that the doctor’s office that requested the authorization got the authorization from their insurance when, in fact, the authorization request was pending at the time and was later denied. The patient was left with a bill for thousands of dollars. And remember: It is the responsibility of the ordering physician’s office to obtain the authorization, NOT the patient or service provider.”

—Mel, 30, Physician Assistant


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