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Lina Khan’s Fusion Metaverse – WSJ

Dar Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission Lina Khan accessories for legal invention. Your agency’s demand to block Facebook’s parent company Goal acquiring Within Unlimited, the VR app developer, creates an antitrust metaverse worthy of Doctor Strange.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sought to expand in the burgeoning virtual reality (VR) market as Facebook’s user growth has slowed. The company now boasts the best-selling VR headsets and some of the most popular apps, many of which it has acquired. While most VR users are gamers, Meta wants to expand the market with fitness training.


Greenland Inuit demanded answers on Denmark’s birth control scandal

Denmark and Greenland agree to investigate traumatic birth control procedures on Inuit Greenlanders.

Less travel for China’s Golden Week amid quarantine fears

BEIJING-- While China's top leaders commemorated revolutionary martyrs on Friday, far fewer Chinese are expected to travel during the upcoming "Golden Week" National Day...

Readers criticize recent column; Amy responds – Chicago Tribune

Dear Readers: I have heard from dozens of readers extremely concerned about my response to "Avoiding Amanita," the question written by a man who...


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