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JWST images of the cosmos should be for everyone, not just astronomers

Some scientists aren’t happy about data from the James Webb Space Telescope being made public right away, but these stunning images should be for everyone, he says. Jacob Aaron


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24 August 2022

simone rotella

WHEN US President Joe Biden unveiled the first image from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) on July 11, I was stunned. Even the low-quality video stream I was watching made it clear that JWST’s “deep field” image, containing thousands of galaxies and billions of stars, was something special, but the real fun started once I downloaded the high resolution image and I was able to explore. the cosmos at leisure.

I wasn’t alone: ​​my Twitter account was full of people sharing their favorite finds and reveling in the majesty of it all. And beyond the beautiful image, teams of scientists from around the world had already…


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