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John Oliver Marries a Cabbage on ‘Last Week Tonight’

last week tonight He is celebrating! Host John Oliver married a vegetable, specifically a cabbage, during a super small wedding ceremony, officiated by Steve Buscemi, on the August 28 episode. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. Before the wedding, Oliver talks about the AI ​​meme machine DALL-E as well as some of your favorite new images, including a roast beef superhero, Judi Dench battling a centaur on the moon, and a goose doing Pilates. He also noted several specific John Oliver AI prompts, such as “John Oliver in a Victorian era dress”, “John Oliver pulling out a can of Del Monte green beans”, “John Oliver commanding a horde of elves to attack “. a potato”, and, a personal favorite, Oliver as Mona Lisa. But as he continued the line of AI-generated images of himself, tragedy struck: a DALL-E user, @Margaret, entered a love story between Oliver and, yes, a cabbage. It went something like this: they fell in love, they got married, but then Oliver got hungry and ate the cabbage and was forced to dump the ashes from the cabbage into the ocean. SAD! However, as Oliver notes in the text images (“John Oliver and Cabbage are Getting Married!”), what is represented is… not that. Instead, she shows him marrying a woman who is tenure a misshapen cabbage. “It’s a shame!” says Oliver. “This story deserved better! We all deserved better!” What follows is two and a half minutes of Oliver’s marriage to a cabbage and too many kisses.


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