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HP Specter x360 13.5-inch 2-in-1 review: Fight hard, in style

Enlarge / 13.5-inch Specter x360 from HP.

sharon hard

Specs at a glance: HP Specter x360 13.5-inch
the worst Better as reviewed
screen 13.5-inch 1920 × 1280 IPS touchscreen 13.5-inch 3000 × 2000 OLED touch screen
operating system Home Windows 11 Windows 11 Pro Home Windows 11
CPU Intel Core i5-1235U Intel Core i7-1255U
RAM. 8GB LPDDR4-4267 16GB LPDDR4-4267
Storage 512GB PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD 2TB PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD 1TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD
GPU Intel IrisXe
networks Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2
ports 2x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4), 1x USB-A (3.2 Gen 1), 1x 3.5mm jack, 1x microSD card reader
Size 11.73 × 8.68 × 0.67 inches
(297.94 × 220.47 × 17.02mm)
weight 3.02lbs (1.37kg)
batteries 66Wh
Warranty 1 year
Price (MSRP) $1,100 $1,760 $1,610
Other Stylus, case included

Specter x360 13.5-inch from HP has something for almost everyone. An ultralight construction puts it in a desirable class of convertibles with a frosted finish and eye-catching details. A 3:2 screen is taller than most and includes an OLED option that looks vivid yet natural. There are also clever design choices, like a beveled edge with a charging port, lighting volume/mic mute/camera shutter keys, plus a decent port selection.

The 13.5-inch Specter x360 gets an A+ for looks and a high (but not perfect) score for design details. But it has room to grow when it comes to productivity, especially when compared to other high-capacity ultralights in its price range.

For those who insist on squeezing every ounce of performance out of a convertible less than 1 inch thick, there are stronger competitors. But otherwise, the 2022 Specter is among the best in its class.

winning design

HP’s Specter lineup continues to feature some of the best looking ultralights, even if they’re a little less flashy this year. My review unit’s Nightfall Black color includes accents so pale they appear more silvery than the “bronze” HP describes. A thin silver reflective strip runs around the lid and cover, creating a layered effect when viewing the closed PC from the side. Interestingly, you can even see a hint of the keyboard when looking at the closed laptop from the left or right side, so I’m a bit more concerned about dust getting inside the PC when it’s closed than I normally would be.

The right side of the laptop.
Enlarge / The right side of the laptop.

sharon hard

Visually, the hinges jump a little less than last year’s model, which included contrasting colors throughout the spine and hinges. But more importantly, this year’s hinge keeps the screen in place no matter how much you bend the lid back.

The backbone of the Spectrum.
Enlarge / The backbone of the Spectrum.

sharon hard

Also, the aluminum lid was harder to bend and felt denser than most of the ultralight laptops I’ve tested lately.

That paired well with an equally strong platform; however, the platform’s sloping edges occasionally caused my wrists to slide when typing. This may have led to me bumping into the trackpad more often when typing, leading to abrupt and distracting glitches in my workflow.

It also comes in Nocturne Blue with Celestial Blue accents, which I'd like to try, or a duller Natural Silver.
Enlarge / It also comes in Nocturne Blue with Celestial Blue accents, which I’d like to try, or a duller Natural Silver.

sharon hard


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