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Harassed by ‘COVID Bullies’; End of free home trials; crocodile support animal

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Many people posting online about the loss of a loved one to COVID-19 are met with “COVID stalkers” who appears with mocking comments in response. (nbc news)

The government will no longer offer free covid home tests starting this Friday due to a lack of funding, a Biden administration official said Sunday. (The hill)

And vaccines can be more difficult to come this fall, as pandemic response funding dries up across the country. (New York Times)

Speaking of vaccines, when is the optimal time to push When will the new bivalent vaccines against COVID-19 be available? (the atlantic)

poliovirus It has been detected in wastewater samples from another New York county. (access point)

abbot is restart production of Similac in his Sturgis, Michigan plans; Detection of deadly bacteria at the facility halted production in February and led to a national shortage of baby formula. (NBC News)

With a shoestring budget, the HHS Office for Civil Rights appears ill-equipped to investigate the growing number of data breaches in health systems. (political)

Starting Monday at 8:00 a.m. EDT, the unofficial US COVID-19 the figure reached 94,197,147 cases and 1,043,858 deaths, increases of 555,048 and 2,709, respectively, from a week ago.

The N95 respirator, one of the first supplies that ran short at the start of the pandemic, is fda medical device shortage list.

The agency also launched a checklist for prescribers to consult before administering nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (Paxlovid) for outpatients with COVID, including possible drug interactions and reminders to assess renal function.

Most of the children were able swab for COVID test, and subsequent test results showed high agreement with samples collected by health workers. (JAMA)

Black women with long COVID they are forming support groups as the health system rules out their illness. (NBC News)

A Washington state physician details the medical care of a baby with monkeypox. (ABC News)

Teenagers are being prescribed psychiatric drug cocktails as an adolescent mental health crisis grows. (New York Times)

The labor shortage is making adderall hard to get in some pharmacies. (nbc news)

It is now illegal for people in New York buy whipped cream if they are under 21, as the state aims to reduce the number of teens who inhale nitrous oxide. (well-informed person)

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke is taking a break from campaigning after being hospitalized with a bacterial infection. (political)

A new leg tattoo has also sidelined Yankees relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman. on the disabled list for 15 days after it became severely infected. (ESPN)

A man undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer has a emotional support crocodile named Wally Gator. (WPVI TV)

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