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Geek Girls Share Times They Experienced Sexism In Their Community, And It’s Very Patronizing


“I used to play Garry’s Modification all the time, when YouTube gamers played a lot prop hunt other TTT. I ended up in a prop hunt server with these guys who seemed pretty relaxed, and we played together for a few hours. I mostly stuck to text chat, but I was starting to feel pretty comfortable after the few hours we’d been playing together, so I turned on my mic. Big mistake. I barely got two words out before one of the guys said, ‘Wait, are you a girl?’ My response was something like, ‘Yeah, so?’ and from then on, all the guys started making fun of me and saying other really disgusting things. The guys that were on my own team started killing me at the start of every round.

“I left a couple of rounds later, turned off my mic again and got into another server, but one of the guys from the previous server kept chasing me around different servers until I quit the game entirely. I played GMod with some guys who were genuinely my best friends and I knew I wouldn’t give a shit.



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