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Fremont California Taco Bell Customer Launches Wild Anti-Hindu, Anti-Indian Rant

A customer caused chaos inside a California Taco Bell last week when he launched into a hateful tirade against Indians and Hindus that was caught on camera.

On August 21, Krishnan Jayaraman stopped at a Fremont Taco Bell, where another customer began verbally abusing him, local media reported. KRON 4 San Francisco informed.

In a video of the incident posted on YouTube, a man in an ill-fitting black shirt with hair tied back in a bun stands in front of a Taco Bell counter waiting to place an order. But before doing so, he directs a series of derogatory comments at Jayaraman while he is filming.

“What the fuck is your bean burrito looking at? Disgusting, brother. Maybe wear socks,” the man gestures to Jayaraman’s feet. “No one wants to see your ugly feet. ugly. You guys are fucking ugly.”

The man then points at Jayaraman’s camera.

“Fucking disgusting. Damn disgusting human beings, bro. You’re disgusting, dog. Seriously. We’re tired,” the man says, putting his hands on his hips. “No one wants to see you order bean burritos.”

After telling Jayaraman to take a shower, the man implies that Jayaraman doesn’t eat beef. He then tells the Taco Bell employees behind the counter that Jayaraman ordered “cow shit.”

“I’ll eat a Big Mac off your bitch ass,” the man tells Jayaraman. The man then repeatedly throws out the N-word.

“You look unpleasant. Don’t ever go out in public like that again. Honestly, no one presents themselves like that in public, you dirty Hindu,” says the man. Then he spits and looks back at the menu on the cash register.

The unidentified man finally places an order in broken Spanish and explicitly tells the cashier that he wants a meat meal.

“All meat, all meat!” she yells at the camera.

After showing Jayaraman the money in his wallet, the man again warns Jayaraman for being a vegetarian.

“Indú dirty ass”, repeats the man. “Walking around with your fucking toes out. Bitch, this is not India! You screwed up India, and now you’re screwing up America.”

Jayaraman never responds to boos. But the man continues to pace back and forth between the counter, the drinks machine, and a table behind Jayaraman.

“No one likes you. That’s why they rob you,” he said. “That’s why you get robbed every day. That’s why you motherfuckers are victims.”

“You go out in public like that. That’s why you’re a joke. The Indians are a joke,” she continues. “What are even? Fucking jungle butt.”

For more than eight minutes, the man yells at Jayaraman and blames India for having been colonized during the era of Dutch East India Company.

“You were the ones who knelt down first. Your people were the ones who put your head down. bitch! It’s because of motherfuckers like you!… That’s why your country will never be shit! Shit!” the man yells.

During the man’s tirade, which eventually ends when the police show up, he displays a tattoo written in Punjabi on his arm and images replicating the Sikh Khanda Chakar, a sacred symbol that is supposed to illustrate divine knowledge. However, the man’s tattooed symbol also includes assault rifles. According to a user’s comment below the video, one of his tattoos reads, “Discard your ego and live a life with high morals and humility.”

In an interview with ABC 7 San FranciscoJayaraman said he realized the man might have been of South Asian descent because of his pronunciation of Hindi words and his ability to speak Punjabi. Jayaraman said the man was “determined to start a fight.”

“Suck my dick, n—-. Fuck Indira Gandhi,” the man said at one point, referring to the former Indian prime minister, who served in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jayaraman explained that the man’s rhetoric was similar to that of the Khalistan groupa Sikh separatist organization in northern India.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, Taco Bell Corp. said it was aware of what happened at one of its franchised locations.

“The actions of the person seen in the video are concerning, upsetting, and not consistent with the brand’s inclusive values ​​of respecting and welcoming customers of all backgrounds,” the statement read. “The franchisee who owns and operates this location confirmed that team members have contacted local authorities to help reduce customer interaction and continues to investigate the situation.”

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Fremont Police Department It said it was actively investigating the incident and would not immediately release any information about the parties involved.

“We take hate incidents and hate crimes seriously, and understand the significant impact they have on our community,” Police Chief Sean Washington said in the statement. “These incidents are despicable. We are here to protect all members of the community, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, and other differences…Fremont is one of the most diverse communities in the country, and we are grateful for the contributions of members of the community of different cultures and origins”.

José Pagliery and Manali Patel provided additional reports.


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