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Dutch soldier dies from injuries after shooting in Indianapolis | united states news

One of three Dutch soldiers wounded in a shooting outside an Indianapolis hotel over the weekend has died, the Dutch Defense Ministry said.

The commando died of his injuries on Sunday night surrounded by relatives and colleagues, the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The soldier, whose identity has not been revealed, was one of three members of the Dutch Commando Corps who were shot and wounded early Saturday in the US city after what local police believe was a riot outside the hotel where they were staying, authorities said. .

The other two wounded soldiers are conscious, the Dutch ministry said.

The shooting happened around 3:30am local time (08:30 BST) in the downtown entertainment district of Indianapolis. The Dutch Defense Ministry said the three soldiers were in Indiana for training.

Indianapolis police said they believed some type of altercation between the three victims and another person or persons led to the shooting. No arrests have been made.

The Indiana National Guard said the soldiers had been training at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, a 1,000-acre (405-hectare) complex about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Indianapolis. The guard said in a statement that the site was used for training by the US Department of Defense “as well as other allies.”


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