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Does a floating tank help with stress? –

Floating tanks have recently gained popularity and for good reason. Flotation therapy is known for its stress-relieving and relaxation-promoting effects. According to several sources, floating tanks can help relieve stress by inducing the process of “self-hypnosis” (in which you enter a trance-like state of consciousness) and helping the body release excess stress chemicals, such as cortisol and adrenaline.

In this article, we’ll examine how floatation therapy relieves stress and whether or not floatation tanks are a good way to manage your overall stress levels.

What is a floating tank?

Floating tanks are small tanks that are filled with water and are designed for the specific purpose of deep relaxation. A flotation tank offers a variety of benefits. They are sometimes called relaxation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, or floatation tanks. There are a couple of ways to set up a floating tank.

The most common is to fill the tank with water that has a specific amount of dissolved salt, generally the same as what you would find in a warm ocean. The other is to fill the tank with running water, but have a tub big enough that you can lie in it without your head touching the water. Some people even build their own tanks at home.

How does floating relieve stress?

There are several mechanisms behind how floating relieves stress. The first is the effect of body position: floating in salt water makes your body feel weightless, which causes blood to rush to your head and puts you into a state of relaxation.

Additionally, the water temperature is set at around 90°F (32°C), which is the temperature at which your body releases the most serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, and sleep ).

As you lie in the salt water, you will also notice that your body becomes less sensitive to external stimuli. This means that not only will you be less aware of pain, but you will also be less aware of external sounds. All of these factors contribute to a relaxed state of mind.

Benefits of floating tanks for stress and anxiety

According to research, there are some key benefits of flotation tanks for stress and anxiety. First, there is the general benefit of relaxation. But besides that, there are specific benefits. First, floating has been shown to reduce cortisol levels.

As we’ve discussed before, high cortisol levels can make you more prone to anxiety, stress, and even depression. Lowering cortisol is a great way to lower your stress levels. Another benefit of floating tanks is that they can improve sleep quality, which is important for general stress relief.

And finally, research has found that floating can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, which are common among people suffering from anxiety and stress.

Is a floating tank good for stress?

As you can see, floatation tanks have many stress-reducing benefits. But whether or not they are good for stress, in general, depends on the situation of each person. For example, if you have generalized anxiety disorder or another stress-related mental illness, a floatation tank may not be best for you.

Why? Because it’s important to be aware of your symptoms and recognize when your anxiety is about to get out of control. If you are in a relaxed, trance-like state, it may be more difficult to notice these signs.

last words

In general, floating in a saltwater tank can offer some pretty impressive stress relief. In fact, it can even help with other problems, like trouble sleeping and pain. However, not everyone should try it, so it’s important to talk to a doctor if you’re interested in this form of therapy.


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