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Blake Masters wants to hide his extreme history on abortion, so he is going to criticize immigrants.

As Laura Clawson of Daily Kos reported last Friday, Masters has cleaned up their website of “their very well documented positions” on abortion after securing his party’s nomination earlier this month.

“For example, the Masters website no longer says: ‘I’m 100% pro-life,’” Clawson wrote. NBC News had been the first to know about the wily Blake. “It no longer describes its support for ‘a federal personality law (ideally a constitutional amendment) that recognizes unborn babies as human beings who cannot be killed’ or for ‘the Unborn Child Protection Act’. Capacity for Pain’, which criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks, or ‘the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, the SAVE Moms and Babies Act, and other pro-life legislation’”.

CNN reported that a person close to Masters hilariously said that Thiel’s sock puppet looked at his policy page as some sort of “living document.” Or maybe an Etch-A-Sketch, others would say.

As Clawson noted, Masters has also made clear what he thinks about abortion rights, and it is that he thinks they are “demonic.Masters didn’t like Kelly repeating his words to him. in a recent adY falsely claimed in his own rebuttal that “Mark Kelly is lying about my views on abortion.” Once again, the ad quoted Masters’ own words. It is Blake Masters who is a liar.

“If Blake Masters thinks he can quietly delete passages from his website and disguise how out of touch and dangerous his stance on abortion is, he’s in for a rude awakening,” Kelly campaign spokeswoman Sarah Guggenheimer said. saying CNN. “No shameful twist can hide the truth: Masters has called abortion ‘demonic,’ a ‘religious sacrifice,’ and supports a national abortion ban. Arizonans know the truth and will not fall for this.” Masters also has extreme views on immigration, supports a border wall and proclaims “northOh citizenship for people who come here illegally, always.” But most Americans support for a path to citizenship.

Kelly currently leads in the polls, and Masters will not close that gap based on his extremist record on abortion. So he expects the pace of her anti-immigrant rhetoric to pick up a bit. When he has already released racist ads pushing white supremacist conspiracy theories, it has nowhere to go but to become even more extreme. America’s Voice previously noted that Masters, in fact, “presented some of the vilest and most manifest” announcements Tweeted one with the title “end the invasion” using the exact same white supremacist rhetoric spouted out by racist mass murderers.

“Masters is far from the only Republican to feel the impact abortion policy is having in the midterms,” ​​NBC News reported. “Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel fretted about the slim post-Roe Democratic lead in an appeal to donors who reported politician Tuesday.”


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