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Best sleep deals: save on mattresses, pillows, bedding and more

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Amazon deals on sleep essentials from Casper, Tuft & Needle, Tempur-Pedic and more will save you up to 48% starting August 29:

If there’s one thing you can splurge on without feeling guilty, it’s sleep-related products. Better sleep is the best investment – ​​it can dramatically improve your quality of life. After all, we spent almost a third of our lives asleep.

However, a little savings never hurts. Starting August 29, you can save up to 48% on sleep essentials from top brands like Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Tempur-Pedic. Shop deals on mattresses, pillows, blankets and more below.

Offers of blankets and bedding

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Casper, one of our favorite mattress brands online, offers quality products and quality customer service. You’ll get a 100-night trial to test this weighted blanket and decide whether to keep it or not. Casper’s Weighted Blanket(opens in a new tab) It’s filled with evenly distributed glass beads to simulate a hug and has a breathable cover to help circulate air away from your body. Our bet is that you won’t even need 100 days to decide that you love it. It even comes in aesthetically pleasing earth tones like hearth and dusty pink.

Other offers of blankets and bedding

mattress offers

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Our top pick for a mattress for side sleepers, the original Tuft & Needle mattress. (opens in a new tab)it is universally loved by Redditors for its premium support, softness, and durability. The company’s top-notch customer service is a plus. The mattress has three different layers of material for optimal pressure relief, breathability and constant support. Plus, it can fit on virtually any box spring, platform or frame, or even sit on the floor without losing its shape.

Other mattress offers

pillow deals

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Our top pick for a two-for-one deal, these Beckham Hotel Collection pillows offer mid-level support for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

Other pillow offers

Mattress topper deals

If you don’t want to spend the money on a new mattress, opt for a mattress topper that can upgrade your existing bed for a small price. The Tempur Supreme mattress topper(opens in a new tab) from Tempur-Pedic is designed with the same pressure-relieving material found in your mattresses. It offers medium-firm support, a three-inch thickness, and a breathable, washable cover that helps keep dirt, dust, and allergens at bay.

Other mattress topper offers


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