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Bad Bunny VMA performance at Yankee Stadium

Everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican dad, aka Bad Bunny, just won the VMA for Artist of the Year, as it should be!

And while he was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony in New Jersey, Benito treated his fans to an AWESOME performance at Yankee Stadium. Which, if he didn’t know, is a staple in the hearts of most Puerto Ricans living in the Bronx.

Yankee Stadium has seen many talented Puerto Ricans give it their all there, and seeing one of our biggest stars in the middle of that field is something we will never forget.

And I’m not the only person who thinks this performance was an absolute masterpiece. Below are some of the best reactions to her:

bad bunny sold out yankee stadium in nyc and won artist of the year at the vmas this is really amazing! and as always giving his speech in Spanish “I said that one day I would be one of the greatest artists in the world without having to change my culture and my language”

Twitter: @raplinegold


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