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Apple Watch “Pro” Rumored to Have New Bands, Price Close to $1,000

Enlarge / This isn’t the new “Pro” Apple Watch, just the current model, so you’ll have to imagine the titanium, the larger size, and the nearly $1,000 price tag.


Numerous Apple watch teams have reported that the company is working on a “pro apple watch,which will be announced at its event on September 7. The device could be an even bigger improvement than some expect, as the latest rumor says that the wider, square-shaped “Pro” watch requires entirely new straps.

Weibo user “Uncle Pan”, who has previously shared accurate information about the AirPods and MagSafe cases, posted Monday from Guangdong that this year an Apple Watch with a 47 or 48 mm screen will be offered. The new band will be wider, indicating a likely boxy design, Uncle Pan wrote. The user inserted an image from the Apple Hub Twitter account, which offered a quirky rendering of the rumored Pro design and cited a price “close to $1,000.”

Uncle Pan’s post conflicts with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who reported at the end of July that while the Pro watch will be larger than existing Apple Watch models, it won’t be square or have flat sides.

Apple Watch bands have been compatible with every model since the first Apple Watch was released in 2015. Apple bands have also been somewhat expensive, which makes the ability to transfer bands from one generation to the next useful for savings and style collections.

On the other hand, a noticeably larger, sturdier Pro model with a bigger battery probably won’t be the choice for most people. The watch is expected to be launched at serious sports and outdoor enthusiasts and is due to feature a more durable case and display and a new style of case. low power mode that will allow the watch to last several days on a charge. That’s along with the many health and fitness tracking updates coming to watchOS 9 this fall.

For those who don’t bike or go on ultra-marathon excursions, the long-awaited Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE are likely to see a spec bump or other minor upgrades, like a body temperature sensor and the same kind of low power consumption. but it’s still compatible with apps like the Pro. It’s also time for Apple to drop the Apple Watch 3 from its lineup.


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