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Apple Event Confirmed: iPhone May 14 Launch Next Week

Apple has set the date for the debut of its latest iPhone. The new device, which is it is expected to be called iPhone 14 and include an always-on display, will be released on September 7 at 10 am PT (1 pm ET). Rumors suggest the new iPhone lineup will ditch the Mini in favor of a new Max model, joining the rumored iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and potentially increase the price by about $100 over last year’s. Apple may also have plans to Remove the notch from the iPhone 14 in favor of a Front camera with hole and pill shapeat least for the Pro models.

In addition to the iPhone 14, Apple may also use the event to introduce the apple watch series 8which will reportedly look similar to last year’s model but will have more health features like a fever sensoras much as improved durability.

The technology giant has invited the press to its Apple Park headquarters in California for the event, although it will also offer a live streaming on and other streaming services. As is typical, Apple didn’t say much in its invitation about its upcoming iPhone event. The invitation shows an Apple logo seemingly placed in a night sky, suggesting possible improvements to the camera or last year. Satellite distress call rumors. The image looks like something we could see from the James Webb Space Telescope, whose stunning photos they have already started to change the way we see the cosmos since they were first released earlier this summer. In its announcement, Apple included the teaser words “Far out”.

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New features for both the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 may help Apple stand out from Samsung and other device makers during what is expected to be more intense competition this year. People have been cutting back on tech purchases, leading to surprising results poor sales reports from chipmaker Intel, as well as sudden deficits in the advertising business to google main alphabet other Facebook main goal. And they are not alone.

Our collective confidence in the economy has plummeted, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic combined with continuous inflation other an impending recession. A University of Michigan survey found that consumer sentiment is at its lowest point in at least 70 years.

That means Apple will have to fight even harder to win over new iPhone owners. Samsung, for its part, made Apple’s job a little easier by announcing its flagship Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 at their standard prices of $1,800 and $1,000, respectively, earlier this month. It also raised the prices of its galaxy 5 clock other Galaxy 2 Pro Earbuds for $30 each.

Apple so far is not worried. In the last two years, Apple has notched your highest income and earnings each holiday shopping season, much of it in the popularity of the iPhone 13 of 2021 and 2020 iphone 12. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously cited advanced cameras, long battery life and well-regarded software as reasons people continue to choose iPhones. But he also said it’s likely that 5G, the super-fast wireless technology that Apple started using two years ago, push more people to upgrade.

“5G has been an accelerator,” he said when speaking to investors on a conference call last month. He added that although the technology is spreading in some places, such as China, the EU and the US, other parts of the world have not started to use it as much. And as 5G expands, he said, “I think there’s reason to be optimistic.”

While the iPhone will be a key product we see at Apple’s event this year, and probably what most people will focus their attention on, the company is expected to have other devices to show off, including new Mac computers with chips. updated and new iPads.


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