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Anime: Nippon TV major license agreement with Netflix

Nippon TV, one of Japan’s leading entertainment companies, has licensed 13 of its most popular anime titles to Netflix for non-exclusive streaming worldwide.

The first titles to begin streaming on September 2, 2022 include the first 38 episodes of the ever-popular “Hunter x Hunter,” which will be available in 104 countries, including Spain, Italy, Finland, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. United Arabs; “Ouran High School Host Club”, in 190 countries; and “Claymore”, in 136 countries.

Others, listed in the order Netflix will upload them, include “Death Note” (37 episodes x 30 minutes); “Death Note: Relight 1” (130 min), “Death Note: Relight 2” (120 min) in 14 countries” “From Me to You” (25 episodes x 30 min); “From me to you 2nd season” (13 episodes x 30 min); “Berserk” (25 episodes x 30 min); “Parasyte-the Maxim” (24 episodes x 30 min); “Nana” (47 episodes x 30 minutes); “Hajime no Ippo: The Fight!” (76 episodes x 30 minutes); and Monsters” (74 eps. x 30 min).

“For many years, anime has been a driving force at Nippon TV, where we have been producing successful anime titles such as “Hunter x Hunter”, “Death Note” and many more. With anime rising in popularity around the world, the timing couldn’t be better for this exciting partnership with Netflix. I have no doubt that anime fans will be talking about these titles around the world,” said Inoue Akane, Anime Sales & Licensing, International Business Development, Nippon TV.

Nippon TV has previously licensed its biggest drama series “Old Enough” to Netflix to air in 190 countries, as well as thirty of its biggest live-action series and entertainment shows (in Asian countries).


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